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Business Visa

There are a lot of job opportunities in Thailand. A skilled worker is in demand just like professional workers. Thailand has a lot to offer to aspiring people who are hardworking and passionate about what they do. Businesses also flourish in the country of Thailand. Many businessmen go here to execute business meetings and also to set up a new business or company.

In order for a businessman or a worker to enter the kingdom of Thailand, one has to secure a Thai business visa or a working visa in Thailand. Bangkok has the most job opportunity for everyone so securing a Bangkok job visa may be deemed necessary.

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There are some things to keep in mind in obtaining a Thai business visa or a Thailand working visa. First, there are 2 categories that fall under the Thai business visa. Thai Non-Immigrant B visa for conducting business and also the Thai Non-Immigrant B visa for employment.

Thai Non-Immigrant B visa for business are given to a person who is interested in conducting a business in Thailand. There are 2 types of visa given to a person applying for a Thai Non-Immigrant B visa for business, single-entry and multiple-entry.

Single-entry is issued by the Thai Embassy to a person which allows a maximum of 90 consecutive days of stay in Thailand.

Multiple-entry however, is issued to a person who has to frequently attend to business matters in Thailand. The Thai Embassy allows a maximum of one year and can be renewed eventually.

Applying for Thai Non “B” visa or Thai Non-Immigrant visa has certain requirements that need to be met in order for the visa to be processed and granted. The requirements for a person applying for Thai business visa are:

Passport that is valid 6 months from your intended arrival in Thailand

A letter to confirm your motive to stay in Thailand

Proof that you have sufficient funds

These are just checklist or a reminder for someone who would like to obtain a working visa in Thailand. Never worry for Siam Attorney can be reached easily for inquiries and assistance. Siam Attorney’s lawyers can help you process Bangkok job visa and Thailand visa as quickly as possible.

In case you work in Thailand even though business owner or become an employee under Thai company, Representative office, foundation or association you need to obtain “Non Immigrant B” visa and Working in order to work and living in Thailand. This kind of visa will be maximum for 1 year and it need to be extend every year.

Useful particulars for obtain One Year Business visa in Thailand.

  • You much have Non Immigrant Visa that may issue from Royal Thai Embassy in oversea or by conversion inside Thailand at Immigration Office Bangkok.
  • You may verify that your company is under BOI (Board of Investment) or not. Because the BOI company will receive more beneficial that general company.
  • The company need to has paid up capital 2 million Thai Baht and has 4 Thai employees in order to obtain Business Visa for one foreigner.
  • Upon submit application, you need to wait for one month for under consideration and you will receive the result on the appointment date.
  • You much have the real office and real employee that investigator from Immigration Office will come to your office for inspection. (Surprise Check)
  • You must obtain Re-Entry Permit upon you get the visa before you leave the country.
  • You can extension to one year visa before it expires.

Footnote for Business Visa Thailand

Business visa is the most complicate type of Thai Visa. You need to be careful in every single step on the application time such as you must have real office, real employee, real operation. You must not be fake supporting evidence to avoid further problem. Thai Immigration Office very serious about supporting evidence.