Immigration Service in Thailand

Traveling is a dream come true for others, while traveling is as easy as booking your plane tickets and hotel reservations, you need to put in mind that some countries requires Visa for you to be able to enter, live or work. As the demand of Visa Service increases here in Thailand, we have answered the heed by many of our beloved clients to include visa assistance in our service.

Siam Attorney is not just good in Legal, Business, Divorce and Property matters, we also provide Immigration Services or Visa Services. As the time goes by, traveling has become a very important part in one’s life. Traveling is not just for leisure, it engaging yourself with the different cultures and traditions of each countries you visit. While some travels for leisure, majority of Thai Citizen travels to live or work abroad that’s why Siam Attorney established a professional and goal driven Visa Assistance Team to serve you with all your visa and immigration needs.

Our services is not just limited to Thailand Visa, we also provide visa assistance with US VISA, Canada VISA, UK VISA, Australian VISA, and the most sought-after Schengen Visa. We guarantee a positive outcome with your visa application, we make sure that we evaluable every applicant as well as we thoroughly check every document that is needed for the Visa Applications. Our Visa team is dedicated in providing a hassle-free process, our team will assist you with a smile!

Our Visa Services

Thailand Visa

Our Thailand Visa Services include legal assistance in obtaining Thailand Business Visa or Non-B Visa, One Year Multiple Entry Visa, Thailand Retirement Visa, Non-Immigrant Visa, Work Permit, Thailand Permanent Residence Visa, Thai Citizenship and more.

Whether you’re an Expat who is looking forward to have a Non-Immigrant Visa and Work Permit, or a Retiree who wants to live and stay in Thailand legally, worry not because we provide cost-efficient visa service and visa conversion here in Thailand. We have served more than a hundred clients and we are proud to say that almost all of our clients got a positive result.

US Visa

Our US Visa Services include legal assistance in getting Tourist Visa to the US, Business Visa, K1 Fiancé Visa Thailand, K3 Marriage Visa Thailand, Student Visa and others.

US Visa is one of the hardest and requires a lot of process, we make sure that we assist you with all your needs, we will evaluate your documents and your credentials and make sure that only positive results will be the conclusion of your visa application.

Canada Visa

Our Canada Visa Services provide legal assistance in applying for Canadian Tourist Visa, Fiancé Visa, Marriage Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa and more.

Canada has opened its doors for tourism and immigration, a lot of Thai people aspired to go to Canada for leisure, work and to live permanently. Canada Visa application is not that easy, it’s a rigorous process but with our Visa Team’s dedication and expertise, it will just be a walk on the park.

UK Visa

Our UK Visa Services include assistance in acquiring Visitor Visa to the UK, Business Visa, Family Members Visa, UK Spouse Visa, Fiancé Visa, Student Visa and more.

UK is one of the top destinations for Thai tourist and aspiring Thai citizens who wants to settle down in the majestic and noble England. Acquiring UK Visa can be easy if you have all the necessary requirements and proper documents, but with our Visa Team’s Assistance you will get a guaranteed positive outcome.

Australia Visa

Our Australian Visa Services provide assistance in obtaining Australian Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Australian Fiancé Visa, Marriage Visa for Australia and more.

As the number of Australian Citizens fly to Thailand for leisure and for some, to find love resulting to the Thai Partner applying for Visa to stay or live in Thailand. Australian Visa is quite complicated to understand, there’s a lot of process and the standards for acquiring the Visa is not the easy to fulfill, but worry not because our Visa Team comprises of experts and professionals who have a significant year of experience working for the VFS centers here in Thailand.

Schengen Visa

Our European Union Visa Services include legal assistance in getting Schengen Visa Thailand, France Visa, Marriage Visa, Work Visa, and Student Visa for traveling, living and working in the country members of the European Union.

Being one of the most sought-after Visa in the world, Schengen Visa is not that easy to get, there’s a lot of process and documents that you need to have in order for you to travel, work or live in one of the Schengen Countries. Our team had a lot of Schengen Visa experience and they have undergone Visa Assistance Trainings and Seminars focusing on Schengen Visa Application to provide the best service to our clients. Schengen Visa may not be that easy to acquire, but with our Team’s dedication and passion to serve, a positive outcome is guaranteed.