Last Will and Testament Thailand.

Last Will and Testament Thailand

Last Will and Testament Thailand.

Death is the only thing that is certain in this world and we tend to overlook this aspect of life. Last Will and Testament Thailand is one of the most sought-after legal services in Thailand.

It is a process which protects your will as assurance for the people that you love.

But the question is how about your hard-earned money? Your property? Your wonderful house and cars? Who will take care of them when you pass away? But worry not because we can already plan for that by preparing a Will.

Our law firm can help you draft your last will and testament in Thailand, validating and legally binding it to your home country.

Having a Last will and testament is giving assurance to you and to your loved ones about the property and all the you will leave when you pass on.

Drafting your last will doesn’t mean you look forward to dying right ahead, its just a protection for your hard-earned properties and riches.

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If you are confuse with the several information on the internet, it is a good idea to find the law firm who always service in this area to assist you.

Table of Content: 

  1. Meaning of the Last Will and Testament Thailand.
  2. Do you need a Thailand Last Will and Testament?
  3. Steps in drafting a Last Will and Testament Thailand.
  4. Conclusion. 
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1. Meaning of the Last Will and Testament Thailand.

A Last Will and Testament Thailand allows you to control what happens to your estate after your death.

Using this Will form, you can define assets, name beneficiaries, assign guardians for your children and appoint an executor.

Once you make your Will, you can easily make it legal by signing it with your witnesses.

In accordance with The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand:

Section 1646: Any person may, in contemplation of death, make a declaration of intention by will concerning dispositions as to his property or other matters which shall take effect according to the law after his death

Preparing the will is not to be taken as the reminder of the death, thus, rather it should be treated positively as a legal agreement to settle the issues of properties and other assets that are to be distributed among the heirs after the eventual demise.

The importance of making will become more significant if the properties are based in foreign locations.

2. Do you need a Thailand Last Will and Testament?

Siam Attorney’s expert lawyers suggest that you should draft your own Thailand Last Will and Testament for protection and security.

If you are a legal adult, you need a last will and testament. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t considered rich.

A will can help reduce any fighting between family members who would like to have certain items that you own when you die.

How a last will and testament can work for you depends on your life circumstances, but you definitely need one.

Use a Last Will and Testament if: 

  • You have assets, money or property you want to be distributed to individuals or organizations after your death.
  • You need to appoint a guardian to care for your minor children if you and the other parent cannot.
  • You need to appoint an executor to carry out the provisions of your Will.
  • You need to appoint a caregiver and set aside funds for caring for your companion animals.

Our Wills & Estates services include:

  • Deceased Estates
  • Drafting Wills
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Enduring Guardianship
  • Discretionary Testamentary Trusts
  • Disability Trusts
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Guardianship Board Applications
Thailand Last Will and Testament

3. Steps in drafting Last Will and Testament Thailand.

Here is the step to proceed for drafting Last Will and Testament Thailand that you should understand.

Step 1

Write the introduction to the will. Start by clearly labeling the document “Last Will and Testament.”

Next, state your full name and address, and testify that you are over the age of 18, are of sound mind and are not making the will under duress.

Finally, write that this is your last will and testament, and that it revokes any previously made will or codicil.

You may want to include your social security number and birth date for clarity.

Step 2

Select an executor. An executor is the person who carries out the directions of your will.

Most married people name their spouse as the executor; however, it is also common to name a capable friend.

Talk to this person about his willingness to take on this responsibility before officially naming him as executor.

Also choose an alternate executor in the event that your first choice is unwilling or unable to perform his duties upon your death.

Step 3

Identify your heirs. Normally, your spouse, life partner and children are the primary beneficiaries; however, you may want to make provisions for other persons.

Be sure to clearly identify these persons so that there is no ambiguity as to their identities.

Also, note that in most states the spouse has a legal right to inherit.

Seek professional legal advice if you reside in one of these states and want to disinherit your spouse.

Step 4

Name a guardian for any minor or dependent children.

If your children are of an age where they still require guardianship and have no other natural parent to take care of them, choose a person to take care of your children until they reach the age of majority.

Be sure to discuss this responsibility with the person that you would like to name, as this is a weighty commitment that could last for many years.

If you do not choose a person, the court will appoint one for you. 

Step 5

Assess and divide your property. List your assets, including real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds and tangible assets, then assign your heirs a percentage of your total assets.

For example, you might say that your wife is to receive 50 percent of your assets, while both your children will receive 25 percent each.

You can also make individual bequests of specific pieces of property or cash amounts to individuals other than your named heirs.

Note that assets that already have a designated beneficiary or are jointly-owned are not considered part of your estate.

Step 6

Sign the will. If you have created a will through an online program, have the document sent to you before signing sign it. Some states require that your signature be notarized, meaning signed in the presence of a public notary and stamped with the notary’s seal.

Step 7

Ask witnesses to sign the will. It is required to have at least two witnesses to sign the will, and some people may opt for three witnesses depending on your need and demand.

At Siam Attorney we understand how sensitive Estate and Will matters can be.

Our experienced team can assist you with a wide range of services from the drafting of simple wills, to complex estate planning, including Testamentary Trusts and Powers of Attorney.

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Conclusion of Last Will and Testament Thailand.

Our service for  the Last Will and Testament Thailand is tailor made to your needs, drawing on years of experience in the production of highly effective documents and the administrative management of estates.

We will draft your estate and last will as well as help you have it legally acknowledged.

We will take care of every thing that you need, from the letter, to the validation, to safekeeping of the document.

Siam Attorney is here to assist you, we are always on standby and ready to be of your service.

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