Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

Thai marriage visa can be obtained if a person is married to a citizen of Thailand. There are certain requirements that has to be met in order for the wife or spouse of the Thai citizen to be able to secure a Thai spouse visa or Thai wife visa.

Thai marriage visa is renewable every year but keep in mind that you don’t have to exit Thailand just to secure a renewal of Thai marriage visa. It can be renewed inside the country as long as you are able to meet the requirements of the Thai Embassy.

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The requirements in order to apply for a Thai marriage visa are:

☑ Must be married to a Thai national

☑ Must have substantial amount of funds or is equal to THB 400,000 in a Thai Bank for at least 2 months

☑ Monthly income of at least THB 40,000 or more

☑ Letter from the Thai bank where the funds are deposited

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In case you marry with Thai whereas inside Thailand or oversea, you are entitle to obtain One Year Marriage Visa or we called “Non Immigrant O”. This kind of visa will be maximum for 1 year and it need to be extend every year.

Useful particulars for obtain One Year Business visa in Thailand.

  • You much have Non Immigrant Visa that may issue from Royal Thai Embassy in oversea or by conversion inside Thailand at Immigration Office Bangkok.
  • You must register marriage with Thai citizen. You need to prove by marriage certificate.
  • You must living with Thai citizen like family.
  • The applicant and Thai citizen must go to the Immigration Office on application time for interview.
  • The applicant must has 400,000THB in Thai bank account or has evidence to prove his pension more than 40,000THB per month from the embassy.
  • If the applicant has kid with Thai citizen, it helpful for prove relationship.
  • Upon submit application, you need to wait for one month for under consideration and you will receive the result on the appointment date.
  • You must obtain Re-Entry Permit upon you get the visa before you leave the country.
  • You can extension to one year visa before it expires.