Best Reason to hire Property Lawyer in Bangkok for your real estate deal

Property Lawyer in Bangkok

Property Lawyer in Bangkok is the lawyer who are expert and experienced in property and real estate in Bangkok area of Thailand. This expertise is included buy & acquisition, litigation, land development, condominium act and other matter that relevant with the property that located in Bangkok.

As Bangkok is always busy and fast move for economic even during the Covid-19, many people from several country decided to move into Bangkok both for lifestyle and business reason. You may see the Thailand ranking here: Thailand Economic Ranking

And we always see the property in Bangkok change hand everyday.

However, we have seen the problem occurred along the way when buying or leasing the property.

Some problems such as the delay of completion, spec of material is bad quality, engage into the agreement with the wrong person, bankruptcy of the developer, unable to issue title deed etc.

So, that why we come up with this article for your idea why you should have property lawyer in Bangkok on your side in order to secure your transaction.

Let drive thru the reason below.

Bangkok Property Lawyer

1. The Property Lawyer in Bangkok know the problem in this area on real time basis

As Bangkok is the most busy and complicated area in Thailand, it always has issue on the property both of land and condominium.

So, your need the property lawyer who located in Bangkok to aware what happened in Bangkok on that period of transaction in real time.

Because the Land Department and other government agent always issue announcement and regulation to execute the land and condominium. So, this implementation may effect to the property that you are going to buy/engage.

It is an good idea to has local lawyer in Bangkok who keep update information that may relevant with your property.

We highly suggest you to read how is the property matter here: Lawyer’s Overview on Thailand Property

2. The Property Lawyer in Bangkok can conduct due diligence easily

This is the “must do” before you sign or engage with the property transaction. You must property lawyer in Bangkok conduct title deed search and due diligence on the property and its owner.


Because you need to know the current status and background of the property that you are going to buy.

And you need also need to know how legitimate of the owner. Are they bankrupt? Or are they used to have someone complain and filling the court case to them before.

The report that come up from the due diligence will allow you to know how risk you are with give the real fact to proceed with them.

We always seen some offer from the Seller is “too good to be true”. And it the hidden fact is appear when due diligence report is done.

That why you need the local lawyer in Bangkok who are close to the information on the property and its owner dealing with the local Land Office and Government Agent for you.

So, don’t be underestimate by skip the due diligence process.

Let find the property lawyer in Bangkok help you on this process.

You may read more information about process of Property Due Diligence from here: Property Due Diligence

3. The local lawyer in Bangkok close to the officer for deep insight

As you know, sometime “know who” also important same as “know how”. So, the local property lawyer in Bangkok who close to the officer in Land Office and Government agent can alert you for the important insight information that effected to your property.

Example of insight information are expropriation, withdraw of construction license, cutting new road, freezing by court order, unpaid property tax etc.

This is the real experienced that we used to facing before and the officer provided this information to us.

Moreover, if you have the lawyer who know the officer, your process of buying or acquisition will be smoothed (not question/investigate to must).

So, the property lawyer in Bangkok who always dealing with the officer and government in Bangkok will make your life easy (and correctly).

property lawyer bkk

4. They can response on urgent matter quickly

Sometime the urgent matter come to mess you without notice such as the construction problem, summon by the court, government notice for resolve something etc. If you have the property lawyer taking care your property in Bangkok, they can re-act it immediately.

In short, we should stop the fire while it small.

property urgent matter

5. The property Law Firm in Bangkok can handle the litigation case effective

In case you have the court dispute on property even delay of completion, defect on property, warranty and insurance, breaking the contract etc. The property law firm in Bangkok can visit the court for checking the file easily and effectiveness.


The court case will take very long time for mediation, trial, examination and hearing the judgement.

So, you need to lawyer who is office nearby the court to check thought all file to make sure that what other side submitted the documents or evidence for prepare to action on timeframe.

property law firm Bangkok

6. They can safeguard on draw up or file the Contract

Normally, the property or real estate matter need to engaging with the Contract like Sale and Purchase Agreement, Reservation Agreement, Lease Agreement, Mortgage and Loan Agreement, Construction Agreement etc. So, you need the property lawyer to draw up or review with comment to safeguard your benefit.

When come to an agreement, you need the expertise to handle it. Because single of hidden point may cause you expensive lesson.

Let find one lawyer or law firm who can secure you for your property transection.

Bangkok property lawyer draft contract


You should not walk alone when you buy, lease or engage to the property transection in Bangkok. You should have the good property lawyer in Bangkok beside you since first step until achieve your goal.

You should not underestimate the agreement party when you about to engage with them. Because we always seen the problem occurred with the property transection in Bangkok.

The problem that always happen is engage with unowned, delay of completion, defect after completion, fence overlap with neighbor, owner is bankrupt etc.

All the problem can be protected or resolve by the experienced property lawyer who base in Bangkok area.

And sometime, you need lawyer who has good connection with the government officer to resolve your matter. “Know who” always important same as “Know how”.

We hope this article can give you an idea of reason to hire the property lawyer in Bangkok.

And sure, our team of property lawyer in downtown of Bangkok can service you with professionalism and heart to achieve the goal that you want.

We are on your side.

Thank you.

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