Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa

There are a lot of people who plan on where they would be spending their time when they reach the retirement age. People prefer to spend their time on a tropical island just to unwind, have fun, and basically meet people. If you are one of the people who wants to spend their retirement period just like many do, then Thailand is the place for you.

Obtaining a Thailand retirement visa is not a problem that you have to worry about. There are many visa application agencies but none could match what Siam Attorney can do to help you make your retirement dreams come true. Siam Attorney specializes in processing visa applications for people who need it. Thai retirement visa is one of the things Siam Attorney excels at. With countless number of satisfied clients, Siam Attorney guarantees an unparalleled service like no other.

Thailand retirement visa has its requirements for people who wants to spend time in the country. For obtaining a non-immigrant visa, you need:

☑ Passport

☑ You must be a permanent resident holder of the country of application

☑ Proof that you have a significant amount of funds

If you are applying for a one year retirement visa, what you need is:

☑ Passport

☑ You must be 50 years old or above

☑ Non-immigrant visa

☑ Bank book from Thailand

☑ Letter from a bank in Thailand

☑ Pictures with appropriate size

☑ Departure card

☑ Proof that you have a copious amount of funds

There are some requirements needed but you don’t have to worry about those as Siam Attorney will always do the best to satisfy your needs and to meet your demands for your retirement visa in Thailand.

As people around the world accept that Thailand is the smile country and have various of good environment with low cost of living. So, many foreigner enter to Thailand to enjoy their living. In case you are over 50 years of age and have intention to stay in Thailand for relaxing, medical treatment or other reason you can obtain “Retirement Visa” for living in Thailand.

Useful particulars for obtain One Year Business visa in Thailand.

  • You much over than 50 years of age while you submit application.
  • No criminal back ground in Thailand before you obtain the visa.
  • You much have Non Immigrant Visa that may issue from Royal Thai Embassy in oversea or by conversion inside Thailand at Immigration Office Bangkok.
  • You much have money in Thai Bank Account more than 800,000THB or have pension more than 65,000THB per month.
  • Upon submit application, you need to wait for one month for under consideration and you will receive the result on the appointment date.
  • You must obtain Re-Entry Permit upon you get the visa before you leave the country.
  • You can extension to one year visa before it expires.
  • Retirement visa is not allow you to work in Thailand.