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Siam Attorney is not just a law firm, we can take care of your documents to be translated and interpreted as well which will help you to communicate in any language in an easy, effective way. If you need translation service in Bangkok or Phuket for legal documents and other documents, our professional and reliable linguists and translators can help you.

We have translation services from English to Thai and Vice-Versa, and other languages and also do the certified translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Siam Attorney has partner which offers full translation services focused on providing clients with the best services at the most competitive prices, we can offer translation service in Bangkok and translation service in Phuket.

Our firm together with our partner are able to provide our clients with reliable and timely services that convey the correct message and exceeds their expectations and standards.

Siam Attorney is regularly entrusted by clients to provide high quality translations in various languages.

Our firm has been trusted by almost majority of our previous clients with retention rate of almost 95%. We have the capability, drive and ambition to be the fastest growing translation company within Thailand.

We offer only the most accurate translations and use only the most experienced, qualified industry translators.

Table of Content:

  1. Documents that we accept for translation service.
  2. Documents that we don’t accept for translation service.
  3. Why choose Siam Attorney as your translation company?
  4. Conclusion

If you also need to Notarize the translation document, you can read the information via this link as well.

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1. Documents that we accept for translation service.

We understand the fact that if you are in a foreign country and you were issued or given a document, it is in their native language.

Our specialization is to assist foreigners in translating documents which is issued by the Thai Government.

We translate English to Thai with ease.

We specialize in translating legal documents but not limited to the following:

  • Personal basic documents: such as the following ID card, house registration, birth certificate, name change certificate, change of surname, marriage registration certificate, prenuptial agreement, marriage record, divorce certificate, divorce record, etc.
  • Corporate documents: such as company certificate, list of company objectives, company memorandum, list of shareholders, minutes and summary of meetings, conference record, new director, company regulations, Limited Stock Certificate, Ordinary Partnership Certificate, etc.
  • Contract documents: such as lease agreements, contracts to buy and sell condominiums, Contract to buy land and buildings or villas, Shareholder agreement, last will and testament, sale and purchase agreement, etc.
  • Documents about real estate: such as land title deeds, certificate of ownership of condominium units, contract of sale, lease or mortgage, Department of Land Building permit EIA approval, due diligence report, real estate certificates, etc.
  • Business documents: such as ISO manuals and business presentations, Company website, and many more.
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2. Documents that we don’t accept for translation service

Here at Siam Attorney, we firmly believe that education is the key to success and education doesn’t have a shortcut in all aspect, that’s why we reserve the right to not accept any educational material required by a Teacher or Professor for a student such as English Proficiency Exam, English Home works, English Manuals, and any document required by a teacher to a student.

It is every translation company’s right to reject translating educational paraphernalia documents or materials provided by a Teacher or Professor as it may do more harm than good to the student.

We only want what’s best for our customers and we believe that students should never take shortcuts to education.

3. Why choose Siam Attorney as you translation company?

Siam Attorney is not just one of the leading law firm in Bangkok and law firm in Phuket, we are a versatile firm which offers more service than the usual firms in Thailand.

One of our expertise is Translation of Documents.

We are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.

We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.

With a minimum charge per page, our translation service is one of the best in the city, we are cost-efficient and reliable in all of our services.

We have Translation Service in Bangkok and Translation Service in Phuket.

And we aim to be the best of translation service in Thailand.

We offer no more than delivering top quality service and a great customer experience with every translation case we handle.

We don’t just work for you, we work diligently with you, we work together towards achieving our common goal which is conveying your message in the right way, the right language and as it was created in its original language.

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We understand and we believe that communication is the key and it is very important in today’s society.

There’s a lot of factors where you will need to have a document translated such as for Prenuptial Agreements, Sales and Purchase Agreement, Medical Certificates and many more.

Before we give back the document, we always make sure that its correct and it doesn’t have any error, our translators have process it for proofreading which is a comprehensive final quality check of written material before giving it back to our clients.

We do proofread to make sure that there are no errors and it meets the standard of our clients.

Rest assured that our team here at Siam Attorney comprise of professional translators and interpreters who are highly qualified and recognized inside and outside Thailand and who have helped clients with in various fields are well-prepared and ready to meet your standards and provide the quality you deserve, the best quality.

With our certified translators all around Thailand, we provided express and reliable translation services.

We provide service with English Translation, Thai Translation, Chinese Translation, Japanese Translation, French Translation, and Spanish Translation.

Contact us for a free document evaluation and pricing.