UK Visa Fiancée Visa for Thai

Love is a very complex thing, we cannot decide whether who will we love or where will find love, that’s why a lot of foreigners who visit Thailand doesn’t just fall in love with the country itself, some foreigners fall in love with Thai people as well. The main concern is that if you want to bring your Thai fiancée to your country how will you do it? For the British citizens the best option for you is the UK Fiancée Visa. However, if you already married, please skip this page and go to UK Visa for Thai Spouse.

UK Visa Fiancée

Table of Contents:

1) What is the UK Fiancée Visa? 2) Qualifications for the UK Fiancée Visa. 3) Financial Requirement for UK Fiancée Visa. 4) Exceptions to Financial Requirement for the UK Fiancée Visa. 5) Validity of the UK Fiancée Visa.
6) The UK Fiancée Visa Benefits. 7) Siam Attorney is here to assist your Visa Application

1. What is the UK Fiancée Visa?

The UK Fiancée Visa allows individuals to bring their fiancée to the UK if they themselves have settled status in the UK i.e. they are lawfully living in the UK without any restrictions on their stay. If the applicant is considered eligible for the Fiancé Visa, he or she is given permission to enter the UK in order to marry. After the marriage, the Thai fiancée or foreign national spouse can immediately apply for a Spousal Visa by requesting for further leave to remain here in the UK. This grants the Thai fiancée or foreign national with conditional permanent residence and permission to live & work in the UK, after the completion of 5 years continuous stay in the UK they’ll then be deemed eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

2. Qualifications for the UK Fiancée Visa

The UK Fiancée visa requirements are quite similar to the requirements of the Spouse visa. The applicants can choose whether they want to apply for the Fiancée visa or marry first in order to apply directly for the Spousal visa. This will of course avoid the necessity of making two separate applications. Please take note that the two major important requirements are the following:  

  • Genuine relationship with your Thai fiancée
  • Established financial standing in the United Kingdom.

The essential eligibility requirements for the Fiancée visa are:

  • Both partners must be at least 18 years of age.
  • They must have met each other prior to application and have the intention of permanently living with one another after marriage.
  • The couple must prove that any previous relationships they may have had, have now ended.
  • The couple must have appropriate accommodation not amounting to overcrowding under the UK Housing Act 2004.
  • They must have sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents without needing access to government funds. The Fiancé visa holder is not permitted to take any employment whilst on this visa, so the UK partner must be financially able to bear the expenses of Thai fiancé as well as any dependents.
  • Meet the income threshold of £18,600 for sponsoring a non-EU National – Please note there is a higher threshold for any children also sponsored; £22,400 for one child and an additional £2,400 for each child thereafter the couple must have suitable accommodation available to them.

3. Financial Requirement for UK Fiancée Visa

The sponsors may meet the level of the financial requirement applicable to their application through employment, self-employment, cash savings, director of a company, rental income, etc. All the categories have separate set of documents which need to be submitted with the application based specified as to:

  • the permitted sources of income/savings.
  • the time periods and permitted combinations of sources applicable to each permitted source relied upon.
  • the evidence required for each permitted source relied upon.

4. Exceptions to Financial Requirement for the UK Fiancée Visa

If the sponsor is in receipt of any of the below then you are not required to meet the financial requirement

  • Sponsor’s Allowance.
  • Disability Living Allowance.
  • Severe Disablement Allowance.
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.
  • Attendance Allowance.
  • Personal Independence Payment.
  • Children of Fiancé visa holders who are under 18 years of age are permitted to accompany their parent to the UK.
  • English Language requirement has been satisfied with level A1 course.

PLEASE NOTE: Fiancé visa holders should apply for the Marriage visa immediately after they marry as they will now be eligible to work in the UK under Fiancé visa status.

5. Validity of the UK Fiancée Visa

The visa is valid for 6 months during which time the couple must marry in the UK or the foreign national will be required to leave the UK.

6. The UK Fiancée Visa Benefits

Indeed, it is wonderful to have your Thai Fiancée with you in the UK, but what’s more wonderful are the following benefits of the UK Fiancée Visa:

  • The applicant is able to marry the UK citizen and settle permanently here in the UK.
  • Whilst initially unable to work, after marriage the applicant is free to undertake any type of employment without restrictions.
  • Foreign national fiancées are permitted to bring their children under the age of 18 years with them to the UK.
  • After the marriage, the applicant is entitled to the same benefits as UK citizens.
  • This visa can be a route to permanent stay in the UK and British Nationality.

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