Why you should hire property lawyers in Phuket who are expert in real estate matter

property lawyers in Phuket

Once you are fall in love with the clean ocean and clear sky in Phuket Province and you are decided to buy or lease the property for long stay and/or investment, we are highly suggest you to looking for the property lawyers in Phuket who are really expert in the real state matter.


Because as per our experience for more than 17 years, we always facing the legal issue or dispute between the Buyer and the Seller/Developer here.

Example of the issues are the Developer cannot complete the construction, the title deed cannot issue even the construction is completed, make agreement with the wrong people, the quality has same as stated in the Agreement, SPA has not secured the Buyer enough etc.

Some damage person can lose their money over than 100 million Baht.

Again, we highly suggest you to have lawyer for any property transection here.

And yes! We are here to assist you for all legal matter that relevant to the real estate transaction. (when we wrote this article, we are in Phuket)

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The most important reason that you should engage with property lawyers in Phuket are as present below.

property lawyer phuket

1. The local property lawyer in Phuket is more familiar with the problem.

The scenario in Phuket is totally difference than Bangkok and another province.  So, you need local property lawyers in Phuket to guiding and secure your transection.

Most of property issue in Phuket always relevant with the foreigner who are intent to buy or invest here. The law and court’s perspective is quite difference if all parties is Thai.

Here is some issue that always happened:

  • The construction is delay (very long-time delay in Phuket).
  • The construction seems not be finished any more (It is just an empty land now!).
  • The construction finished, but the condominium cannot issue the title deed by some reason (even it has EIA already).
  • The area of land, villa, condominium is exceeding or lower than what did state in the Agreement.
  • The construction is completed and the title deed has issued, but the government need to revoke the title deed by some reason.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement is invalid or less secure when problem arising.
  • Leasehold cannot renew or assign to other.
  • And a lot more issue.

So, from such above reason, it good idea to find the lawyer who exert in real estate, isn’t it?

Phuket property lawyer

2. They have good connection with the local government officer.

Know-Who is important same as know-How in Thailand.

That why you need to the lawyer who always working with the local government officer.

Normally, the lawyers in Phuket will working with the Land Office, Municipality Office, District Office, Department of Business Development, Civil Work Department, local bank, real estate agent, Court etc.

So, the local lawyer who have good connection can drive thru deep information in order to secure your transection and can predict what the worst scenario may happened.  

And can also simplify your process from hard or very hard to easy way by use their connection.

3. The property lawyer in Phuket know deep information of the Developer and Project.

As they always handle the case in the local area, it allows them to have insight information of the Seller, Developer and Project that you are intent to acquisition and can adapt it for your transection.

Some project is look like a huge and reliable, but they have cashflow problem.

And some of the Seller have a lot project in Phuket, but all projects never completed.

Some of the Developer is mafia.

Some property project look very simple, but it good generating income for investment (like a money machine).

So, the property lawyer who are not always practice in Phuket area will never know this insight information.

It is better idea for you to hire the property lawyer in Phuket for your investment in real estate.

4. They know how to tracking and find the right detail on property due diligence time.

Phuket has a lot potential buyer for property, villa, land and house and most of property is luxury/expensive (because it beautiful area).

This reason it causes a lot scammer and cheating person always looking to suck your money as well.

So, you need to keep in mind since day one that you need to do “Due Diligence” of the property that you are intent to buy.

You should not short cut by skip this process.

And you need to find the right person to conduct this “Due Diligence Report” for you.

The local real estate lawyer in Phuket can help you to tracking information, database and all details by doing the Due Diligence process for you.

They can go the relevant government authority, project and court for finding “up to date” information to make sure that the transection will go smooth once you are move forward the transection process.

Once again, Please do not short cut the due diligence, because we always facing the problem at court litigation level.  

Do everything right since day one, you will sleep well every night!

due diligence property phuket

5. The property lawyer in Phuket have better perspective when draft or review Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Once the due diligence is satisfied and you need to engage with the Seller or Developer, you need to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

The Phuket property lawyers can draft or adjustment the Agreement in the better way by using their database to implement into an Agreement.

Because they used to the court session for many time and know what the local court think in various scenario. So, they can use such perspective to secure you in the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

The SPA is very detail and sensitive, you should consult with the local lawyer to tailor the Agreement in order to suitable for your case.

6. They can take action immediately on an emergency issue.

If something happens as an emergency, the local lawyer in Phuket can take action and/or solve the issue easily.

Most of emergency that we always facing is the flood and destroy the land, land slide, stranger trespass on the property, government office need to inspect the neighbor beside you etc.  

Immediately action is the best approach.

Moreover, the property lawyers in Phuket can taking care the emergency issue that order by the court when your case has dispute.

local property lawyer phuket

7. What our property lawyer in Phuket can help you?

As we have office base in Phuket more than 12 years, our property lawyer team in Phuket can meet your demand for all real estate and legal matter.

Here is the most popular property matter that we always provided:

  • Due diligence the property i.e. land, condominium, house, villa for freehold and leasehold acquisition.
  • Draft and review the Agreement such as Reservation Agreement, SPA, Long Term Lease, POA etc.
  • Become the representative for registration at Land Office and other public authority.
  • Litigation and negotiation at the Phuket Province court.
  • Administration for the property on inheritance matter.
  • Property Tax computation and filling.
  • Land Measurement for issue the title deed.
  • Liquidation the property at Execution Department.
  • And a lot more.
property lawyer phuket service


For all legal matters that relevant with the real estate in Phuket area even you just start looking to buy or you already have serious matter at the court, you should hire the property lawyers in Phuket to guide or taking care your case.

The local lawyer can provide you the right direction as they always practice in such area.

We always handle the property case in all around Thailand, but we would like to point out that Phuket Province has property issue difference from other area. Only the Phuket property Lawyer who can give to best approach for your transection and/or flighting for you at the court.

Finally, if you are in doubt where you can find the right person to assist you for your property in Phuket, we are here to help you. We can handle all case since small price until Hight value.

Our lawyer team in Phuket will use many years of experience to let you archive your goal.

You can minimize your risk by contact us now.

Thank you!

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